Summer Art Camp: Week 1

Monday, June 19 - Baby Animals & Reflected

Tuesday, June 20 - Zentangle Triptych & Zendalas

Wednesday, June 21 - Pointillism & Clay Sculpture

Thursday, June 22 - Hoot Hoot! Owls & Sky-scraping Silhouettes

Friday, June 23 - Button Art & 70's Peace Art

#FlashbackFriday: Serve Day at Calvary Community Church!

Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village invited Art Trek to participate in their Serve Day this past Saturday. Our wonderful staff members, Rose and John spent time creating Brilliant Blossoms and Fish in a Bubble with kids and families! 

2017 Character Walls are Complete!

Another year of Character Walls!

We would like to thank all the great students, teachers, staff and parents who created a collaborative character wall with their school to celebrate another great year! Below you will find images of tile walls created for Maple, Ladera, Weathersfield and Acacia Elementary Schools in the Conejo Valley. 

If your school is interested in a collaborative tile wall: visit our Character Walls page for more information! 

Maple Elementary School

Ladera Elementary School

Weathersfield Elementary School

Acacia Elementary

Open Houses! La Mariposa & White Oak Elementary

La Mariposa Open House - May 17th

White Oak Open House - May 18th

Congratulations Nan!

On Wednesday, May 24th Nan Young received the Most Powerful & Influential Women's Award during the 4th Annual Southern California Diversity & Leadership Conference hosted by the National Diversity Council. She was one of 4 women recognized for "creating a diverse and inclusive environment in order to foster innovation and leadership excellence" (Dennis Kennedy, Founder & Chair, National Diversity Council). During the conference she spoke on the Leadership panel addressing how to inspire, influence and achieve results. We are so proud to call Nan Young our fearless leader!

left - Dennis Kennedy, right - Nan Young

left - Dennis Kennedy, right - Nan Young



Amazing collaborative art by Managers of

"During November 2016's Manager Meetings, each of our managers was asked to channel their inner artist and paint part of an image on a small piece of canvas. What the managers didn't know when beginning this project was that the pieces they were painting were only a small section of a larger image ─ and that those little pieces would be put together to form a big, beautiful picture.  

What did the managers gain from completing this task? Aside from becoming TAC's star artists, the following are some of the discoveries the team enjoyed by participating in this exercise:  

•Being challenged to use a skill that may not have felt comfortable and gaining confidence in using that skill 

•Taking the time to discover possible hidden talents 

•Learning that paying attention to the details and taking your time can result in accomplishing great things 

•Building trust in fellow teammates to complete their part of the project 

•Being reminded that each piece of a puzzle is essential to a whole – even when you don't know what the "whole" looks like 

•Seeing that the whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts 

•Being reminded that trying something new is always challenging, risky, and maybe even terrifying, but, ultimately, it can be very rewarding 

•Discovering that we are all capable of more than we realize 

This experience made me think of a famous quote from General George Patton,  “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what you need done and let them surprise you with their results." Our managers are amazing leaders. We applaud them for their dedication to this project. They are capable of achieving great things, and we look forward to seeing what they will do next! " -

Posted on May 23, 2017 .

Flashback Friday - Ignite a Spark! One Spark Academy Spring Fundraiser

Our friends at One Spark Academy held their Annual Ignite a Spark! Spring Fundraiser at our studio in April. It was a lovely evening of painting, a silent auction and a wonderful food and drink buffet. The money raised will help provide an engaging, healthy and connected learning environment for students and educators to thrive at One Spark Academy.

Consider Art Trek for your next fundraiser!

Downtown Value School Open House

Our director, Nan Young attended Downtown Value School Open House this morning. The event was a wonderful celebration of students accomplishments throughout the year!